Date stamp pointillism, Federico Pietrella


"How the Guggenheim Installed James Turrell’s Aten Reign" (video) (Guggenheim)
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Foreign Fields - Names and Races


A spray of begonia, roses, dahlias and fresh figs creates the perfect still-life backdrop for this delecate, layered chocolate vino cotto pavlova.
From ‘At My Table’, a story on page 53 of Vogue Living April 2013.
Photograph by Brett Stevens.
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"Can we get you guys to paint giant swatches of different colors on the wall so we can choose one for this exhibition, because we lack the imagination and cojones to just make a goddamn decision already?"
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Catrin Welz-Stein
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Disclosure -  White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge

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"In L.A.’s art world, topic one is moca: its director, Jeffrey Deitch; the spate of angry departures from its board; founding chairman Eli Broad’s own, new museum; and talk of a merger with U.S.C., or even with arch-rival lacma.”

-Bob Colacella

Artist - Eliza Porodina

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Artist - Zac Freeman

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From his site: “My work focuses primarily on portraits created by assembling found objects, disposable goods, and the leftover trash of things we consume in our society. I glue the bits of junk to a wooden substrate, a canvas, which forms the image of a portrait. The result is a stunningly realistic portrait at a distance and an interesting array of objects up close…My assemblage artworks have continued to encapsulate cultural change. For example, grey film canister tops used in my early junk portraits are very rare now as our society has moved to digital cameras. An iPhone used as shading on a cheek looks desired one year and archaic the next as society, technology, and consumables continue to change.”

Artist - Erik Jones

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Canvas  by  andbamnan